Universal Magnetic is: Alan “alien8” Premselaar

Universal Magnetic (aka UMag) began as the electronic collaboration of several L.A. area musicians. It’s sound ranges from the highly danceable beats of techno to more demanding textures of experimental ambience (and ALL points in between).

Universal Magnetic was founded in 1991 as an outlet for the more electronic creations of Chad Bishop. In 1994 the song ‘First Stab’ was released on the Sin-a-matic compilation CD. In 1996, alien8 and Dirty Dave became permanent members of the collaboration. Releasing the 4-song EP “Transient” in 1997.

After the 1997 release of the ‘Transient EP’, Universal Magnetic took a hiatus in order for Chad and alien8 to focus their attentions on the Idiot Stare release of ‘The Hate Cage’ and continue work on subsequent Idiot Stare releases.
During this time, alien8 continued to write music for Universal Magnetic which has yet to be released.

In late 2001, alien8 moves Umag to Tokyo and is the only remaining member.

Core influences include Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, LFO, Japan, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Skinny Puppy, Download, Thrill Kill Kult, Clock DVA and Depeche Mode; in addition to many of the GOA / Trance Techno artists such as Astral Projection, MFG, Noosphere, Space Cat, and more.